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Frequently Asked Questions - Comfort & Balance

About Nicolette Reiser, owner and operator of Comfort & Balance

Certified Massage Therapist Nicolette Reiser

Comfort and Balance is owned and operated by Nicolette Reiser. Nicolette is a NJ State Licensed Massage Therapist and Reflexologist.  She studied at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Woodbridge NJ.  Nicolette is a Certified Yoga Teacher and is a member of Yoga Alliance. She holds a Master's Degree in  Natural Health and is a certified Level 4 Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Teacher.

Nicolette has had an interest in helping people since the age of 14 when she started volunteering for the First Aid Squad and received her certification as an EMT. As years passed, she shifted her direction towards health maintenance studying Natural Health, Massage, Yoga, Reiki and countless other wellness practices.

Nicolette believes strongly that in today's society we are in need of healthy, honest ways to deal with physical, mental and emotional stress. She uses her years of experience and training to bring these alternative solutions to everyone.


What time should I arrive?
10-15 minutes before class starts. Doors close 5 minutes before class time, no students will be permitted in after that time.

What should I bring?
Bring a mat, some water, and dress comfortably. If you don’t have a mat, you can rent them for $1. Wear comfortbale clothes, no need for special clothing.

What do you mean by a diverse yoga studio?
It means that yoga is available for anyone who wants to try it. People sometimes mistakenly believe that they are too out of shape or not flexible enough for yoga. Differences and challenges such as obesity, autism, agoraphobia, anxiety, arthritis, ADD or any other perceived challenges are welcomed. Any issues that you feel are unique, please let us know. Our studio is beginner-friendly.

I'm not flexible (or I'm overweight, or out of shape). Can I do yoga?
Absolutely! Here at Comfort and Balance every size and shape is welcome. There is no judgment and no competition. Yoga is about helping you feel good about yourself.

Can my child take yoga?
We welcome students ages 13 and up in all our public classes. Occasionally, we offer specialized classes for children 12 and under.

I'm new to yoga, which class should I take?
Almost any class on our schedule. We keep our class sizes small so our teachers can give you the help & confidence you need to feel comfortable whether it is your first class or your hundredth. If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with your teacher. Not sure which class to try? Call us at 732-750-8767 or email, we're glad to help you.


What is a massage session like?
During your initial appointment, you will be asked background information about your state of health and any concerns or questions you may have and we’ll go over my policies. It is a good idea to allow extra time, at no charge, for this.

As you prepare for the massage, I will leave the room to give you privacy to undress and make yourself comfortable under the sheet on the massage table. Completely undressing or wearing thong or brief type underwear works best. During the massage, your body is covered with a sheet except for the section being massaged.

Once you are covered and on the massage table, we are ready to begin. Music and lighting are adjusted to your liking. I have a large selection of relaxing music to choose from, but you are welcome to bring your own MP3 player. After the massage, I again leave the room to give you complete privacy when getting dressed.

What if I drool, snore or pass gas while having a massage?

These are completely natural occurrences of the body and nothing to be ashamed of. I can say honestly that you would not be the first to do this, but at the same time, I truly couldn't recall the people or sessions to which they have happened. As a massage therapist I am completely focused on your energy, muscle tension and my massage techniques. So any of the body's involuntary actions do not phase me one bit. I am a trained and certified massage therapist.

I'm worried about the privacy of my body.

Your privacy is one of my top concerns. Under no circumstances will I touch or look at your private areas. They are not part of my massage routine and are covered by your sheet during the whole session.


What hours are you open?

Massage, Reflexology, Private Yoga & Wellness Appointments are available 7 days a week, 7am-10/11pm - call or email for an appointment.

Desk Hour: Vary. We are at the desk at various times, so always give us a try. Call first, if we don't answer, leave a message and we will definitely call you back. Gift certificates available regularly - just call. You can also buy gift certificates right on our website. Click the gift certificate link above.

Telephone Hours vary, please lave a message. If we don't answer, leave a message, we will definitely call you back very quickly.

Additionally, we are here when we have yoga classes. Click here for our Yoga Class schedule.

Are gift certificates available?

Gift certificates are always available at our front desk. If you would like to purchase one over the phone or by mail, call us at 732-750-8767 during office hours.

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