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Looking to reduce stress, ease muscle tension and calm your mind?
Personalized service, affordable pricing, and a relaxing atmosphere are what make us your favorite massage spa.*

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Appointments for all of our services including Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Private Yoga, Ear Candling are:
Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m.-10/11PM
Fridays 7am-5pm

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Massage – Deep relaxation, peaceful touch and a break from the world, what more can a person ask for? The beneficial effects of massage include relief from joint and muscle soreness, improved circulation, improved immune function, and reduced anxiety levels.
30 Minutes $75
60 Minutes $95
75 Minutes $120
90 Minutes $150
120 Minutes $195

CBD Massage – **NEW** Includes 300mg of CBD Oil – Perfect for the ultimate in pain relief and relaxation! We incorporate 300mg of pure Colorado grown CBD (which is 100% legal and non-psychoactive) to help reduce pain, inflammation and soreness in the body and to also promote feelings of calm and well being for the mind and spirit.  Our specifically-designed-for-massage CBD has a beautiful fragrance and the highest milligrams per oz of CBD on the market.
60 Minutes $115
75 Minutes $140
90 Minutes $165

Himalayan Salt  Massage – This is a whole new type of massage. Using the Himalayan Salt as a tool to administer minerals into the body, boost happiness, and create deep relaxation, this massage is a must do! The therapist uses long, slow, strong strokes with the Himalayan Salt Rocks along the energy meridians of the body bringing balance, peace and restoration to the body, mind & spirit. This massage is effective for relieving muscle tension as well as emotional and mental tension.
60 Minutes
75 Minutes $150
90 Minutes

Hot Stone Massage – The warm, penetrating heat of volcanic basalt stones melts away tension & stress. A perfect way to multiply the soothing effects of massage & to release stubborn muscles (and minds).
60 Minutes $125
75 Minutes $150
90 Minutes $175

Exfoliating Massage – Pamper & indulge yourself with this deluxe spa treatment that includes:
-a warm preparation of pure, certified sea salt to gently scrub away old, dead skin cells
-a relaxing, rehydrating massage treatment to deeply moisturize and balance the skin
-2 complimenting aromatherapies to first invigorate and then relax the body
-and the warm comfort of the heated table.
Exfoliation stimulates circulation, removes dead cells and accelerates skin renewal. Your skin will look better & feel better!
90 Minutes $180
120 Minutes $210

Reflexology – Your feet are pampered & massaged while skillful acupressure techniques are applied that help restore energy flow & bring balance to the body.
45 Minutes $85
Exfoliating Reflexology– Take care of those tired, old dogs with this wonderful session that first exfoliates dry, dead surface cells from the feet and then rehydrates the feet while healing the body with our award-winning reflexology treatment. Not only do you get the benefits of reflexology but the exfoliation also stimulates circulation, removes dead cells and accelerates skin renewal. Your heels will thank you!
60 Minutes $125

Prenatal Massage – Tailored specifically for an expecting mommy’s needs. This soothing massage brings much needed relaxation & ease while improving circulation & relieving muscle & joint pain.
• NJ State Licensed Massage Therapist with additional training for prenatal massage.
Postnatal Massage– Prices are the same for Postnatal Massage within 4 weeks of giving birth vaginally or 6 weeks C-section. Not only is postnatal massage tremendously healing for the body but it can also be an effective way to increase mental and emotional well being and help ward off postpartum depression.
• 15+ years of massage experience with lots of happy mommies and babies
60 Minutes $100
75 Minutes $115
90 Minutes $140

Oncology Massage: Active Treatment, Recovery, Remission, Survivorship & Hospice
With an informed understanding of this challenging disease, its common side effects (from treatment and from the disease itself) and the journey that cancer patients go through, we are able to modify our massages to meet the needs of all patients no matter what stage they are in. We utilize gentle touch, much compassion and a lot of experience to help cancer patients feel more relaxed, peaceful and relieved of their side effects and symptoms. This makes a great gift for someone who has been recently diagnosed or is going through cancer treatments.
60 Minutes $95


~NEW~ CUPPING MASSAGE – Cupping is a complimentary therapy that has been around for thousands of years and involves suction, also known as negative pressure, administered through the application of strategically placed plastic cups on the skin. By creating a vacuum within the cup, the underlying muscle layer is manipulated and a state of hyperemia is created which stimulates the energy meridians of the body, increases circulation, creates a beautiful myofascia release, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, promotes increases blood & lymph flow and calms the nervous system.

Treats Muscle Pain and BeyondWhile cupping can be used all over the body, it is best known as an effective therapy for neck, shoulder and back pain. Many do not know that cupping can also be used for:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sciatica
  • Respiratory Conditions such as asthma, colds & flus, bronchitis & pneumonia
  • Fever reduction

60 Minutes $120  / 90 Minutes $155
We offer multiple session packages as cupping typically requires multiple sessions. All multiple packages must be used on a weekly basis.
(3) 60 Minute Sessions $300 /   (3) 90 Minute Sessions $405
(6) 60 Minute Sessions $540  / (6) 90 Minute Sessions $750


Performed fully clothed and without oils, chair massage is a versatile massage targets the high tension area of your neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands as you sit in the comfort of a specially designed chair.

• At Our Studio – Drop in or book time for this convenient stress-reducer.
15 minutes $45
20 Minutes $60
30 Minutes $70

• At Work– On location packages available for any size office/business. Whether 2 or 200, this is a great way to increase productivity, boost company moral & show your staff the appreciation they deserve. Prices vary by package needs.

• At Events – This hugely popular attraction is perfect for any size gathering. Prices vary by package needs.


Aromatherapy –With over 20 essential oils to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether Birch for sore muscles, Lavender for anxiety or peppermint for migraines aromatherapy is proven to help with whatever is bothering you. $7
Heated Table – The warmth and comfort is indescribable and the positive, healing effects on the body are amazing. Only $5

Guided Meditation – The mind plays an integral part in healing. Guided meditation allows us to get the stressed mind out of the way so healing can occur on deeper levels. $10

CBD Oil – You can add CBD oil onto any of our stone massages, salt scrub massages, reflexology or Reiki appointments. We use pure, legal, non-psychoactive, Colorado grown CBD with the highest milligrams of CBD on the market. Our CBD oil has a beautiful scent so you can feel confident keeping it on your body all day. This is a recommended option for soreness, pain and/or tension. $22

Face Masks – Choose from over 15 different natural based face masks to enjoy during your massage. Categories include hydrating, firming, pore care, brightening and soothing. You can enjoy your face mask on for as little as 10 minutes up to 35 minutes all while receiving your massage.  $12. Combine with hand or feet masks. $20. Enjoy all 3 for only $25

Hand Masks – Super hydrating hand masks (also called hydrating gloves) are a wonderful addition to you massage and the perfect way to achieve deeper hydration prior to the hand massage portion of your session. Made with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E your hands will thank you for this! $12. Combine with face or feet masks. $20. Enjoy all 3 for only $25

Feet Masks – Super hydrating hand masks (also called hydrating gloves) are a wonderful addition to you massage and the perfect way to achieve deeper hydration prior to the reflexology portion of your session. Made with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E your hands will thank you for this! $12, Combine with face or hand masks. $20. Enjoy all 3 for only $25


SPA/MASSAGE/REIKI/PRIVATE YOGA: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-10/11PM. Call 732-750-8767 or email for an appointment

Telephone Hours: Monday through Friday, leave a message. We will definitely call you back.

Desk Hours: Vary throughout the week, so best to call first.


Massage Gift Certificates Available

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