Reiki & EFT at Comfort & Balance – Woodbridge, NJ

WHAT IS REIKI? Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a healing method recognized by the National Institute of Health. Reiki is a non-invasive practice in which the practitioner places her hands lightly on or just above the client with the intent to transmit high-frequency healing energy. This technique is used to alleviate physical, mental, emotional & spiritual imbalances which the body is now experiencing as dis-ease. The Reiki energy brings the clients back into balance so that healing can occur.


Anxiety and Stress

Weight Loss

Chemo Side Effects

Pain – chronic and acute

General well-being, clarity and focus



Overcoming the Effects of Trauma


Reiki is now used and prescribed in hospitals and clinical settings. It is recognized by the NIH as a CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine). Reiki can be used on its own or as a supportive tool for traditional medicine. Check out our Testimonials page to see what our clients are saying about Reiki at Comfort & Balance.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT DURING YOUR SESSION AND AFTER? During your Reiki Session, you will be fully clothed and comfortable, laying on a massage table. I will be gently placing my hands lightly on or just above you with the intent to transmit high-frequency healing energy. You do not have to do anything but relax. If your mind wanders or you get restless, that is okay. If you are relaxed, feeling calm or meditative, even better, but not necessary. Some people experience the feeling of energy movement or warmth. Many feel deeply peaceful, while others become energized, or a combination of both. You may sense something; an idea, a vision, or an answer. You may feel none of that or something completely different. Best bet is not to expect anything, just trust and have faith that something is happening whether it shows itself to our senses or not. It’s best to be detached from all expectations of how you believe wellness & healing should happen. Trust that the energy is working. Be patient. Healing and wellness, much like illness, can occur instantly or gradually over days, weeks, and even months depending on the situation. Just try to begin to notice little changes; perhaps moments of peace or happiness, small coincidences, or newfound answers or insights. Traditional Reiki is a quiet session and can be kept in person at our wellness center or from your own home. Active EFT Reiki Sessions are talkative as the energy speaks to you through me. Reiki Sessions can be kept in person at our wellness center, or via phone or Viber (free video app) from your own home.

WHAT IS ACTIVE EFT REIKI? (Now including Akashic Records and Light Language)  Reiki is the most effective and thorough practice I have ever used for healing. It profoundly changed my life, more than words (especially in this small space) could ever describe. I see a lot of clients for Reiki work and I see their lives changing too. Over the past 9 years since receiving Traditional Reiki training, even my practice itself has evolved and grown enormously. I have become a more powerful and a more skilled healer. In this evolution, around 2012 a new form of Reiki called Active Reiki developed through my work.  Active Reiki is faster and more powerful in dealing with complex emotional and mental issues such as anxiety, depression, rage and addictions. It cuts through layers to relieve not only chronic and acute physical conditions but the emotional components that hold these pains in place. As of August 2019 Active Reiki has now evolved into Active EFT Reiki. As with Active Reiki, your body, mind, spirit, the whole of who you are, speaks to me to guide me to the real problem, the root behind the symptoms you are presenting with. By combining Active Reiki with the system of EFT clients can be more present and more in charge of their wellness journey. While Traditional Reiki is still very effective and does provide relief, it can sometimes feel slow to completely heal all the components of an illness. This is especially common when people have complex issues that have been with them for many years. Active Reiki has a more laser focus approach to identifying and clearing issues and EFT/Tapping brings an extra force and power to the session. As of 2022 Active Reiki has grown to include Light Language and Akashic Records, as well as a few other modalities that the universe picks up and uses to communicate with clients. In one case, Active Reiki healed a severe, acute neck pain in about 8 minutes. The client was here for Massage, but I could hardly touch her neck and she couldn’t move it at all. The intuitive healer in me knew this was deeper than the physical neck pain that was presenting. I briefly explained Reiki to my client, we did Active Reiki and sure enough in 8 minutes she could move her neck and we were able to continue with the massage. This is just one example. Active Reiki has moved stubborn weight (2 separate clients losing over 60lbs each), migraines (2 separate clients coming off meds), swallowing phobia and much more.

Reiki Pricing Menu

ACTIVE REIKI EFT SESSIONS – also may include Light Language and Akashic Record Shifts

  • 60 Minute Active Reiki/EFT/Akashic Records/Light Language Session: $205
  • 30 Minute Session: $120



  • 60 Minute Traditional Reiki Session: $140
  • 90 Minute Traditional Reiki Session: $210

Active Reiki & Massage at the Same Time

  • 60 Minute Session – 60 Minute Massage with 30 Minutes Active Reiki $215  (A $45 Savings)
  • 60 Minute Session – 60 Minutes Massage with 60 Minutes Active Reiki $255 (A $90 Savings)
  • 90 Minute Session – 90 Minutes Massage with 60 Minutes Active Reiki $325 (A $80 Savings)



  •  30 Minute Massage & 30 Minute Traditional Reiki in one 60 Minute Session $140 
  • 30 Minute Massage & 30 Minute Active EFT Reiki in one 60 Minute Session $165
  • 30 Minute Traditional Reiki & 30 Minutes Active EFT Reiki in one 60 Minute Session $165

REIKI TRAININGS – Learn to do Reiki on Yourself and Others
Anyone can become attuned to Reiki energy! There is no prior experience, nor any particular skill set or ability, just a simple wanting to learn. Nurses, teachers, healers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, and anyone who works with the public will greatly benefit from learning Reiki. It will help you replenish your energy and also better manage and help the energies of others around you. Additionally, if you  or someone you know, suffers from a chronic illness such as anxiety, depression, addictions, migraines, pain, fibromyalgia then I highly recommend training in Reiki so healing can occur more quickly.

One-to-One Reiki Training
Live In Person
Level 1

3 Hours
You Choose The Date
Call to Make an Appt
Bring a person with you
cost is then $375 pp
New Hybrid Reiki Training Schedule Anticipated Arrival YTBD Sign up for our email newsletter for updates

Class Descriptions

Reiki Training Level 1 – The value and benefits of receiving Reiki from a trained practitioner are widely known and utilized for all areas of healing- mental, emotional & physical. With this level 1 class you will begin your Reiki journey by becoming attuned to the energy so you can become the practitioner in order to practice Reiki on yourself. There is no prior experience, nor any particular skill set or ability required for Reiki Level 1, just a simple wanting to learn. Even if you have had Reiki training elsewhere, you can take this class. This WILL change your life, what are you waiting for? Manual included.

Reiki Training Level 2 – The Level 2 training of Reiki at Comfort & Balance is like no other. Designed to reaffirm, deepen, and strengthen your connection with healing energy; you will leave this class feeling more confident in your abilities as a Reiki practitioner. You will learn how to give Reiki to another person (or pet, or anything really!) both formally and informally, as well as how to send Reiki distantly. This class includes training in Distance Reiki and is necessary for becoming a Level 3 professional practitioner.  Manual included. Prerequisite is Level 1.

Reiki Training Level 3 -Professional Course – The ultimate attunement to healing energy is provided in this class. Plus, unlike other Reiki trainings out there, this class focuses heavily on becoming a professional level Reiki practitioner. Whether you are going to pursue working with clients for a fee or just continuing to work on yourself, friends and family as a hobby this course will deepen and heighten your Reiki work. In addition we will be working with different modalities in order to connect you to, to develop, and to  hone your innate intuition. I see a lot of Reiki 3 practitioners who are not confident, not skilled and certainly not ready to be practicing on the public. Practitioners must be aware of the deep responsibility to ethics, to the law, and to their clients, when working with higher levels of energy. Prerequisite is Level 1&2.

Reiki Master Teacher Training aka “Level 4” -To Become The Teacher – In this training you will receive the Master Teacher attunement & symbol which will allow you to attune others to Reiki. You will also be given the knowledge and the tools needed to become a proficient Master Teacher Trainer. The class focuses on 3 areas: First, you receiving the attunement and the symbol to the energy of  Master Teacher Trainer. Second, you receiving the secrets and the energy to ensure that you can attune others – this will include hands on supervised practice. And third, you receiving the tools, the paperwork and the formats to feel confident enough to host your own Reiki Trainings (right away)! Whether you want to hold Reiki trainings professionally or you want to be able to attune your family and friends, this class will provide you everything you need to do that easily and with confidence! Being a Reiki Master Teacher Trainer is not only a great way to add goodness into the world, but it can also be a lucrative career!